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The Tenant Portal allows real-time access to lease information via the internet. From the Tenant Portal, you can:

  • Review and edit contact information.
  • Create and manage services requests.
  • View your rental details.
  • Give notice.
  • Communicate with the property management team.
  • Review documents shared by the owner or property management company.


Signing up for Tenant Account

You can sign up for your Tenant Portal account at the property management company website.

From the Tenant Portal link, click the Sign up button.

Fill out all the required fields and click the Submit button. Note that the information you submit must match to the information on your lease file.

After you submit, you receive an email with login instructions from your property management team.


Logging into the Tenant Portal

You need an email address to access your personalized portal. Your email address is your username for logging into your account. Your property manager sends an email with login instructions.


If you forget your password, use the Forgot your password? link to request a new password. You need to provide your first and last names and email. Enter the same email address that your property manager has on file.   If you have any questions please call our office at (352) 374-8579.


We know moving can be a stressful time.

That is why we've crafted these helpful moving checklists to help streamline the process. Whether you're a renter moving into a property managed by Mitchell Realty or saying goodbye for now, these simple lists provide a blueprint for a successful move. If you need extra assistance, contact our team:

(352) 374-8579


Move-in Checklist

We're looking forward to welcoming you to your new rental home. Please review the information below so you can seamlessly transition into the property.

First Month's Rent & Security Deposit

Your first month's rent and your security deposit are both due at the lease signing. We will keep your security deposit to protect against any damage that might occur during your stay.

Move-in Date & Inspection

Your initial move-in date will be set at the lease signing. We will also provide all relevant inspection information at that time.


Utility accounts for your property should be placed in your name immediately upon signing the lease. Be sure to take care of this promptly to avoid losing access to your utilities.

GRU (Electric/Water/Gas) (352) 334-3434

Cox Cable (800) 234-3993

AT&T (800) 288-2020


Move-out Checklist

We're always sad to say goodbye to good tenants, but we hope that you had a great stay with us. Please keep the following in mind as you prepare to move. 

Notice of Intent to Vacate

Ready to leave your rental home? Refer to the terms and conditions outlined in your lease or you could encounter additional fees. If you're planning to move, please provide us with written notice 60 days before your intent to vacate the premises.

Property Condition

Your home needs to be brought back to its original, rent-ready condition before you make a move. This includes:

  • Rental Cleaning: Carefully clean every room in your property before vacating the rental home. You'll need to remove your belongings, dispose of any garbage, and sanitize the living spaces. Please pay additional attention to the kitchen and bathrooms.  Carpets must be professionally cleaned and an invoice must be supplied with your move out paperwork.
  • Landscaping & Outdoor Areas: Take care of your landscaping chores once more before you move. This includes mowing the lawn, weeding the flower beds, and replacing any burnt light bulbs in fixtures around your property.
  • Repairs: If any damage has occurred during your stay, make the necessary repairs to recover your full security deposit. This may include patching nail and screw holes or repainting. For larger damages, contact us to find an amicable solution.

Security Deposit

The security deposit you paid at the outset of your lease will be used to cover any damage that isn't repaired before your departure. We will conduct a final inspection to check for such damage and if necessary, use the deposit to cover the expenses for repairs.

We make every effort to return the funds owed to you as quickly as possible. 

Housekeeping: K&L Janitorial (352) 870-9191

Carpet Cleaning: (352) 495-3982

Painting: Maximum Painting & Repair: (352) 443-5575