Mitchell Realty Services, Inc.

Your property is our priority.

With decades of experience working with real estate customers, Mitchell Realty Services, Inc. is the clear choice for managing everything from property marketing and maintenance to administration and accounting. With unparalleled industry expertise, we are committed to working with you to unlock the value of your property.


Partial Rental property management services

We’ll help you rent your property.

  • Assist you in establishing fair rental market value of your unit(s)
  • Prepare an exclusive rental listing agreement
  • Show and otherwise market your rentals in order to obtain prospective tenants
  • Accept/receive the security deposit from your applicants
  • Verify employment information, past landlord history and perform credit check(s)
  • Review all processed applications and assist you in determining the acceptability of each one
  • Prepare a legally standard approved lease for signature by your tenant(s)

Full service for rental management

We’ll provide ongoing support, once the tenant moves in.

  • Receive and process monthly rental payments
  • Make all authorized disbursements on your behalf
  • Submit a monthly computerized statement to you
  • Complete an end-of-year form 1099 for federal income tax purposes
  • Act as a point of contact for your tenant(s) on all matters
  • Arrange for appropriate repairs and emergency services as authorized by you
  • Remind tenants of their responsibilities, such as cleaning gutters, checking smoke detectors, etc.
  • Conduct a condition inspection before and after a tenant moves out

A la carte rental management services

We’ll develop customized solutions based on your situation: from single to multi-unit apartments, to a duplex or single-family home.